Managed Akamai

MobileRider provides unrivaled 24/7/365 support for businesses who need the ability to
grow and scale by utilizing Akamai's robust network.

Managed Services

MobileRider doesn’t sell products, we sell solutions. From the smallest website to enterprise security, we help maintain your Akamai Web and Security products, for and with you.

Website Protection

Products: Kona Site Defender, Access Control Cloudlets

MobileRider can help protect your web application against the latest risks like SQL injection, XSS, or Remote File Inclusion attacks with Akamai’s Web Application Firewall. With included rate controls to prevent DDoS attacks against your forms or Network/Geo controls to block networks or countries from accessing your app, Kona site Defender is the robust solution for any web application.


  • Reduces risks of downtime, data theft and website defacement
  • Protects against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks
  • Protects against web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS and RFI
  • Gain hands-on control over user experiences through the Cloudlets Policy Manager and APIs

Infrastructure Protection

Products: Enterprise Application Access, Siteshield

Enterprise Application Access is an application proxy that can be used to securely publish your intranet apps like SSH, RDP, and HTTP to the internet without opening up worrisome firewall holes to your apps. Combined with Akamai’s Siteshield origin cloaking, we can help clean up your firewall rules and reduce your perimeter exposure for your applications.


  • Centralize your security and access control
  • Keep all users off of your network and make your applications invisible to the Internet
  • Complete auditing and reporting of user activity
  • Ensures web traffic goes through the Akamai Intelligent Platform
  • Complements Kona DDoS Defender to help prevent attackers from targeting the origin

Network Protection

Products: FastDNS, Prolexic

MobileRider can help protect your network by offloading critical services like DNS to the cloud and protecting your network bandwidth with always on DDoS scrubbing services like Prolexic.


  • Improves DNS response by up to 75%
  • Improve availability of DNS services for global users
  • Protects DNS infrastructure against the largest DDoS attacks
  • Reduces business risks posed by the threat of DDoS attack
  • Maintains availability of Internet-facing applications
  • Fast mitigation by Akamai’s 24×7 SOC, with time-to-mitigate SLA

Managed Security

Products: MobileRider Protection Package, SIEM Integration

Whether you have a dedicated cybersecurity team or need one, MobileRider can work for and with you to help purchase, integrate, and manage your Akamai security tools. Our managed services provide you peace of mind knowing that your critical applications are secure.


  • Reduce operational costs of hiring and retaining in-house experts by leveraging MobileRider’s security services team
  • Extract maximum value from your Akamai Cloud Security investment by leveraging best-practice implementations, maintenance, and adoption of advanced features
  • Streamline web security operations with flexibility to use the service for multiple Akamai Cloud Security products
  • Mitigate business risks and improve end-user confidence by keeping website defense and security configurations in sync with attack sophistication, changing business needs, and the evolving security landscape

Web Performance

Products: Ion Premier, Image Manager

Leveraging Akamai tools such as Ion Premier and Image Manager, MobileRider can help speed up your web and mobile apps by offloading complex logic such as device detection, geo detection, and automated image resizing.


  • Deliver high-performing web, mobile and app experiences
  • Increase online conversions and user engagement
  • Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Automatically transform and optimize digital images to deliver the best image for every end user and device
  • Reduce development time with flexible integration and workflows for faster time to market
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by offloading image creation, storage, and delivery

Why MobileRider?

Products: Akamai Certified and Preferred Partner

MobileRider has been a Certified and Preferred Partner of Akamai for the past 8 years. We service clients such as Pepsi, Verizon, IRONMAN and many others by providing managed Akamai solutions. As an Akamai Partner, we not only help navigate the complex sales cycle, we also take hands on approach with our clients by providing integration, professional service hours, and 24/7 support as part of the overall solution.


  • 30+ years of combined Akamai technical and sales experience in the company
  • Client engagement and turnaround time with Akamai is 80% faster when working through MobileRider compared to working directly with Akamai
  • Unrivaled support and 24/7 availability
  • We help navigate the complex sales cycle and can reduce costs by as much as 30% on certain Akamai products.